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Nature of Siberia

Nature of Siberia.
Nature of Siberia is different. There are forests and plains, rivers and lakes. There are no mountains and hills because the Great Siberian Plain is situated here. In winter forests become white because the weather is snowy.
Many painters like to draw a picture of our nature.
In summer (if you like nature) you can live in forests for one or few days.You can swim in a river or go fishing, go moshroom hunting or something else.
The unusual siberian forests are called ribbon forests(it is called ribbon forests for its shape).
The climate of Siberia is playing the general role in nature: location of rivers and lakes, forests.
Siberian animals are different also. There are no white bears but we have wolfs and rabbits, foxes and birds.
Many poets like siberian autumn. It is very beautiful.The color of forests in this season is yellow.