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Stepanyan Emily
School#7 Location:Yerevan,Armenia


Name: Stepanyan Emily
School#7 Location:Yerevan,Armenia
Teacher:MarinaYepiskoposyan Theme:LocalHistory

Toros Roslin

Toros Roslin concentrated the artistic experiences of the past,
both of his own and of other peoples; he opened new horizons
and opportunities for future painters.
The artist's attention is concentrated on man and particular.
Roslin's figures, externally quiet reflect the spiritual trouble of
medieval man, his anxieties, his inner world, and the
inexplicable ups and downs of his apparently imperceptible
emotions. The fundamental characteristics of Roslin's
style originate from 11-12th c. artistic sources.
Very little is known concerning Roslin's biography. The
dates of his birth and death have not been preserved, we
know, however, that the first manuscript which has come
down to us bearing his signature is dated 1256, while the
last one is of the years 126 7-1268. Seven splendidly
ornamented manuscripts of this talented artist have
reached us, which are preserved in the depositories of
Yerevan, Jerusalem and Baltimore (USA).
The Armenian King Levon III (1270-1289) and
Catholicos Costandin of Toros Roslin and ordered him to
prepare manuscripts. Roslin's pupils assisted him in his
work, but their names have not been preserved.

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