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Hello local History Participants,
We are students from Romania and we would like to
participate in your projects. We will send you information
about our native town, Dej, about our school's history and
about some other places in Romania. we hope you will read
As archeological researches show, Dej, my native, town
has existed since ancient times.
The region of Dej was inhabited since the Stone and Bronze
Epoch and one can see relics from that times at the town's
museum of history..
Another important date of local history is the one related to the

Peasants' Uprising of 1437-1438, on Bobalna Hill, not far
from the town.
In 1668, the settlement of Dej was raised to the rank of "noble
Dej is situated in the North-Eastern extremity of Cluj
county, at 60 km far from its capital, Cluj Napoca, and has the
following geographical coordinates: the confluence of the
Somes rivers, on the left bank of the resulting Somes, at the
contact area of the Transsylvanean Plateau and the Somesan
The town has a municipal House of Culture named "George
Cosbuc" and it has a capacity of 350 seats, a cinema named
"Arta", having a capacity of 500 seats. Dej has also a
municipal library an it has more than 100000 books, and a
history museum.
The children and the students from Dej can study at the
Muresanu" National Colege, "Alexandru Papiu Ilarian"
Constructions Montage High School, at a vocational school
and at five
secondary schools. There are also: a large stadium, a Modern
Sports Hall.
As main tourism attraction points of Dej, we have to
the Municipal Museum, the Memorial House of Dr. Teodor
Mihail and Dr.
Alexandru Vaida Voievod, monumental busts of Andrei
Muresanu, Al. Papiu Ilarian, Alecu Russo, Mihai Eminescu and
George Cosbuc, the old and the new galleries from the Salt
mines in Ocna Dejului, the old orthodox churches from Pintic
and Ocna Dejului, the gothic church and the catholic church
from the civic center.
There are three hotels in the town, named: The Somes, The
Parc Rex and The Sport Hotel.
People can relax in the park of the town, a vey old one,
with many big trees and a lot of beautiful flowers, and also a
playground for little children.
The population of my town is about 38.000 inhabitants.

These were a few things about my native town.

Andrei Ardelean, "Alexandru Papiu Ilarian" Highschool Dej,
Coordinator teacher: Cornelia Platon