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Anastasia Lokshina
School 130,10 Grade

My School

Lockshina Anastasia, 10 grade.
Our school is one of the best schools in our country. We have capable and qualified teachers, who want to make us good workers in future. We are trying to understand them when they are angry a little. I think the good teachers are those who have good prepare to work with pupils. They might have a small basis of psychology to control and communicate with children well. The teacher should not have selective pupils among the whole children. I think teachers in my school possess all this qualities.
We have different subjects. We have subjects which usually studied and different subjects which pupils do not learn in others schools. We have special courses which help us to know more about history or may be study to solve more difficult exercises in mathematic than we have at school. We can study the first steps in foreign languages besides school programs. It could be Spanish, French, German. We have an English school , so we have many English lessons during the week. It could be English literature, just English or lessons where we translate English texts on the Russian's language.
I like my school because of the variety of different parties and festivals. Festivals are held every second year. They are very interesting and entertaining for the pupils. The most part of our pupils are sociable, friendly and well-organized people with good future.