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Frolov Anton Sergeevich
school 130 8th grade


Novosibirsk is a beautiful city, it is a bit dirty in the center but some parts of it like Academic town have a good nature.
The climet here is very difficult, because it could be very hot summer and very cold winter in one year.
Novosibirsk was founded in 1893 year and it's population is about one million four hundred thousends people (1 400 000).I live in Academic town, it is a part of Novosibirsk when situated many scinentific universities and many schools. Novosibirskis situated on the large river called Ob.
Many Moscow's and St. Petersburg's businessmen now coming to Nvosibirsk to build some companies or some restaurants or shops. I think we could say that Novosibirsk is an industrial city and it is growing very very fast, maybe in future Siberia will be not a just region of Russia, it could be another country and Novosibirsk will be a capital of it.
Novosibirsk has no historical places, because it is a new city, but here are many other entertainment's.