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Cluj-Napoca, an old Romanian town
One of the places I like very much is Cluj Napoca, a beautiful
and old
town of Transsylvania. It is settled near the Feleac Hill, which
you a wonderful panoramic view of the town and it protects
the town from the weather's whim. The town is crossed by the
river Little Somes which flows idly giving some more beauty to
the town.
The town Cluj is situated in the middle of Transsylvania
and it's one of the largest and important towns of our country.
The old town, where the new and modern buildings are
harmoniously mathching with the o ld ones,lasts for about
100000 years. Cluj is an important cultural and university
center of Romania. A lot of institutes of education of Cluj are
known outside the country.
You can find out more about the Romanian people if you
the numerous museums like: the History Museum, The Folk
Museum, the Art Museum. There you will find a lot of
interesting things about the Romanian history.
If you need to relax you can go to the Botanical Garden,
which has numerous species of plants from all over the world
and the coloures of the flowers are fascinating. As you enter
the Garden you are welcomed by the beautiful tulips which
have the most various coloures, from white and red to black.
Then you go straight and you'll get to the cactus green house.
There are also green houses for tropical plants like eucalyptus,
coffee-tree, lemon-tree, cocoa-tree, palm-tree and other. In
this Garden you don't need a guide because the alleys are
circular and you can't get lost. Along the alleys there are many
trees and flowers wich grow in that time of the year.
There are also beautiful and numerous parks. In these
parks you can see trees which are over 1000 years. Let me
describe you one of these parks. It has great grey pavament
and benches painted in lovely colou res.
In the middle of the park there is a huge lake with an island in
middle of it. Here you can admire the landscape from a boat.
In winter
you can skate on the lake. If you want just to sit and watch,
you can do that on the benches that are around an ancient
artesian well.
The town hosts the tourists in its confortable and
hotels. The rooms in this hotels offer a beautiful overview of
the town.
It is just splendid!

Andreea Morar, "Alexandru Papiu Ilarian" Highschool Dej
Coordinator teacher: Cornelia Platon