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Wafaa Fathy Ali Taleb

Our Town

Hi everybody
We've chosen our town "Helwan" as our project to talk
about, at previous ages it was a lovely place where all people
came to enjoy its beauty and clean weather but the hand of
neglect has reached it leaving it a highly polluted town suffering
from a high percentage of pollution, also the great number of
factories which were established in Helwan, these factories had
a fatal effect on its environment

Doing this project we hope to have a simple participation
towards a walking public opinion in orde r to help us restore
Helwan back to its glory that was once found before.

Also we've reached an agreement with the environment
society to help us plant a number of trees in Ain Helwan as a
nucleus for our project and as a beginning towards a clean envi
ronment and we hope we will be able to reach other parts.

Every one is supposed to be honest with himself .

He must Know how to face this problem personaly and this
project is concidered as the best chance to help us to do that .

And we acquir e this from our experiance that we gouined
from the project

Please visit our project`s site.