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Beautiful Places

"If you want to liten beautiful music go to Vienna, if you want to eat well visit Bas bazaar in Saraevo, if you want to enjoy in beautiful architecture, come to Bitola."

Walking street

Special place in history of the town is consul time.
Austria is first country that open its consulate in Bitola. That happened in November 1851. First consul in Bitola was Fridrih Riten Maer. By Maer's writing, preparation for opening diplomat residences in that time were making Great Britain and Greece.
catholic church

French embassy This courage other countries to react quickly and open diplomatic residences in then strategicly important Bitola for Turkish imperia, Balkan and European countries. Although Rusian government decide to open consulate in Bitola in 1860, first consul in town is Mihail Aleksandrovic Hitrovo comes one year later. Greece has opened its consulate in 70-es in 19-th century, Serbia in 1897, and in last decade of 19-th century Bulgarian trade association. Italy and Romania opened their diplomat residences too. There were 9 consulates from Balkan and European countries.
All the objects where the consuls serve and live from end of 19-th to beginning of 20-th century are famous now. This are representative buildings featured for that period when Christian families, members of Macedonian aristocrat embolden to build houses which with their architectural solutions gave to Bitola shine of European town.
We are talking about 12 houses, rented for consul residences. It's a fact that presence of consuls from different countries administrate for accelerate influence, and the town have hast economic progress. Bitola was one of the main battle-fields in Ilinden rising. For Bitola are written and singed nearly 500 songs, and it's born town of first Balkan movie directors Manaki brothers.

Clock tower

The clock tower, is eternal monument of Bitola. It can't be said when it has been made. It's supposed that tower has been made in 17th century, and based by some tails, it has been made in the same time with church st. Dimitria in 1830.
It can't be told what kind of clock mechanism exist in that time, but we supposed that it has been hand-made.
Taking from some historical documents about building of the Fortress of dead German soldiers from World war that is situated over region called Curve Mill in Bitola, we get some further information .
Fortress of dead German soldiers near Curve Mill by the road from Bitola to Ohrid, over the jail, is build by German community that take care of war monuments, which occurrence is in town Kasel.
Clock tower is present form this community as a sign of gratitude for retreating the land for the fortress. Clock mechanism has been made by factory for clocks. Clock use electric supply and have automatic tape. On this tape were recorded next melodies by order :in 6 o'clock at the morning Yugoslavian anthem, in 12 o'clock famous Macedonian song Biljana platno belese, and in 18 o'clock well known German song "I had a friend".
First repair was financed by the same German community in the factory where it's has been made.
After that, in the clock was lifted new tape with well known Macedonian songs.

clock tower