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College Quantum

My Motherland

Movsisyan Anahit
College "Quantum"
Teacher: Yegoyants Gayaneh

Local history
My motherland
My motherland is Armenia .I am Armenian . I love my land
,my nation ,my roots very much .
Armenia is occupies the North-Eastern part of the Armenian
Uplands .
That is why as they say ."Armenians squeeze bread out of
stone." The legend goes that when Armenians came to God to
ask him for their piece of land if had already been distributed
and God gave them this stony land. They inspired it with soul
and expressed all their dreams and cherished desires through
Armenia is one of the most ancient countries in the world, the
co-eval of Assyria, Babylon, Medina, Rome. It is not
surprising that during archaeological excavations the artifacts
found here are about 6000 years old.
In the 1-st millenary B.C high valued architectural complex
Erebouny(Arin- Berd). In 1950 during excavations of
Erebouny the birth certificate of Yerevan was found whit
spoke after 3000 years of silence, the cunciform characters
said that in 782 B.C. Argi shty the first established Erebouny.
Erebouny is speard around the Arin-Berd hill on the top of
whict the fortified citadel with triangular embrarer has survived.
Widently it consisted of royal, worshipping and auxiliary parts.
It is due to mention that thr royal halls and other festive parts
opened onto the right of Ararats mountains. Life continued in
Erebouny almost constantly up to modern Yerevan, whit has
inherited not only its rich culture and traditions but also its
name Erebouny-Yerevan.
Yerevan is a very beautiful city. There are many parks,
fountains, museums, libraries in here. Everybody must take
care of his city and must know his genesis.