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shc 130 grade 8 M


One of the most famous parts of Novosibirsk is Academgorodoc( Scientific Research Centre). Academgorodoc was founded by academician M.A.Lavrentiev in 1957.
Academgorodok is famous by its institutes: Geological Institute, Mathematics Institute, different Phisics Institutes and others.
By the way, in Mathematics Institute, which is situated on Koptyug avenue, my grandfather a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science, was working since 1960 to 1976.
Explorations of our institutes are well-known all over the world.
There is one of the most well-known Siberian museum in Geological Institute. I mean Mineralogy Museum. This museum has the biggest collection of minerals in Siberia. There are a lot of unusual examples of differfnt mine-
rals: diamonds, alexandrites, beryls and others.