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Will Stecker
Western Alamance High School 11th

Great Depression Interview

Glen Stecker
(Student's Grandfather)

In what year were you born?

How old were you when the great depression started?
Almost 8.

What do you remember about Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929?
It was just like any other day to me.

How did your family react to that day?
We didn't really realize what had happened until a few days later when we read it in the headlines. We read that people were jumping out of tall buildings.

What are some of the things your family did differently during the Great Depression?
Times were rough but luckily for our family, we made our money as dairy farmers so we had plenty of food to eat. My father helped dispense relief to people and he shared some of his money.

Was your family affected more or less than others you knew?
Many other people who worked in the city lost their jobs and had to get help just to eat. The biggest problem our family faced was that the market dropped and the prices on our milk and eggs went down.

For your family, when did you finally feel the depression was over?
It was more of a gradual improvement until the mid- 1930's.