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Mrs. Hajizadeh

Dariush Hotel

Iranian investors living abroad have started to return to
homeland along with their experience and capital . Hossein
Sabet , an entrepreneur who has devoted himself in the mega
project of Dariush Hotel Complex ,can prove to be a vital
beginning for the r evival of the Iranian tourist industry.
Hossein sabet is well known for the elegant construction of
Dariush 1 Hotel in Kish Island amusement parks such as
dolphinarium and a zoo are some of the attractions. Dariush
Hotel is the largest private sector Project in the tourism
industry in Iran.
Dariush Hotel is a reminiscence of the historical Achaemenid
Era2 in this coralloid island of Kish. One can find many
features such as architecture Clothing, food, etc. from this
period. A project of this magnitude has never been undertaken
by a private i nvestor in Iran .so far Rls . 60 billon have been
invested only in the plantation of palm trees around the hotel.
Hence it is surrounded by green Iuscious environment which
has also made a change in the local temperature, resulting in
cooler and more pleasant climate.
The experts in the tourism industry in Iran acknowledge that
this industry has not been explored. The nation that has been
imposed to an eight -year- war with Iraq, ending in 1988, has
recently started reconstructed and has opened for tourists.
During all this time this project in Kish Island is symbolic for
investment in the country.
Kish Island is a free trade zone and can be a great opening for
tourism in the area. The facilities in this island and the
investment regulations, compared to the rest of the country,
have a great potential for the Iranian investors living abroad.

To b e continued...
Thanks Mrs.Hajizadeh
Alzahra High School