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Hajiyev Ashraf

May 28

Hajiyev Ashraf 10e
May 28
May 28 is the holiday of Azerbaijan people. On this day
democracy won in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is a free country
now. On May 28 there is a big demonstration in Baku. People
come to the main square "Azadlik". The square looks nice on
this day. < BR> On May 28 engineers, doctors, teachers, oil
workers, school children, come to the square to see the
In newspapers we'll read about our famous people. In the
leading article we'll read about M.A.Rasulzada. In 1918 he
celebrated May 28 for the first time in our country.
After demonstration our people will go to Shahidlar
Xiyabani. They will put flowers there. Those young men died
for freedom and democracy in Azerbaijan.