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Babayeva Vefa
School 249


School №249
Babayeva Vefa 9i NOVRUZ IN
There are many national holidays in Azerbaijan. They are: The
Army Day, The Twenty Eight of May and Novruz. Novruz is a
spring holiday. In spring people begin to work in the fields.
They cultivate cotton, grapes, vegetables and fruit. Swallows,
nigh tingales come from hot countries. They sing songs in the
gardens and forests. There are many violets, roses and tulips in
our garden, too.
Novruz is our national holiday. It is an old holiday. Our
people celebrate Novruz on the 20th of March. Novruz is a
holiday of Moslems.
We have many nice national meals. But on this day our people
cook pilaff and dolma. We cook gogal, shakarbura, pakhlava,
too. In Novruz we grow samani. You may celebrate this
holiday with your family or relatives. In the villages people
make a fire in N ovruz. They danceand sit round the fire on this