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Our Country

Semengul 10r
sp; Our country Azerb aijan
Our country Azerbaijan is an old, rich and beautiful country.
It borders on Turkey and Iran in the South, Georgia in the
West and Armenia in the North- West. On the East
Azerbaijan is bounded by the Caspian Sea Azerbaijan is a
large country. About thirty million people live in Azerbaijan. As
a result of wars between Russia and Iran, Azerbaijan was
defeated into two parts accreting to the Turkmanchay Treaty in
1828- South Azerbaija n and North Azerbaijan are called
Russian Azerbaijan. North Azerbaijan has become an
independent country now. It is now called the Azerbaijan
Republic. It has it own tricolor flag and national emblem, state
anthem, money a nd army. The capital of the Azerbaijan
Republic is the city of Baku, one of the old, large and beautiful
cities of the world. The Azerbaijan Republic is a multinational
state. More than seven million people of different nationalities
live in the Azerbaijan Republic. Most of them are the
Azerbaijani Turks, The Russians, Sews, Lezghines Kurals,
Talishes, Tatars and many others nations live in the Azerbaijan
Republic, too. All of them enjoy equal r ights to develop their
national language, culture and traditions. There are a lot of
rivers in Azerbaijan. The longest of them is the river Kur. It
rises in Turkey and flows into Caspian Sea. There are two
electric power stations on the river Kur: the famous
Mingachevir Hydroelectric Power Station which was built after
World War 2 and the Shamkir Hydroelectric Power station
which was large forest in Azerbaijan where different wild
animals live ;bea rs, wild boars, mauntain goats, leopards
wolves, foxes and other wild animals. Azerbaijan is famous for
its mineral springs; Among them are Istisu, Badamli, Serab and
others. Azerbaijan has a lot of natural riches, the principal one
being all. The oil pr oduction occupus themajor place in the
economy of there republic.Other natural riches of Azerbaijan
are cobalt ,copper, rock-salt marble and many, others. The
people living in Azerbaijan have been engaged in agricultural
and animal husbandry for millennia . They used to keep cows,
buffaloes, sheep, goats, cames and other domestic animals
Azerbaijani cotton and silk are known, all over the world from
the ancient times. Ever in the old times merchant from different
countries came to Azerbaijan to buy seek There are rich
fisheries along the coast of the Caspian Sea ones of the
bank of the Kur. Black ea--- from Azerbaijan is famous
in the whole world. Azerbaijan has ancient and rich