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Novosibirsk- the capital of Siberia.

Till 1926 there was a little town called Novonikolaevsk, but in 1926 it was renamed Novosibirsk.
Novosibirsk region is situated in the west part of Siberia.There are 14 towns in the region. Novosibirsk is a big cultural, educational, scientific & industrial centre. There are a lot of buildings, which are very popular: State Academic opera & Ballet house, Conservatoire of Music, Operetta & the Puppet theatre. Also there are many cinemas & museums. Novosibirsk is famous for its Art Gallery, which contains works of Nikolai Rerickh, Ilya Repin, Vasily Surikov & many other painters.
In the city you can find a State Public Scientific & technical Library. It has more than 5 million books.
there are a lot of schools & universities in Novosibirsk, but the most part of them is situated in Academgorodok(scientific town). Academgorodok is the smallest district of Novosibirsk, which was built in the middle of the forest near the Ob sea, But it contains near 40 scientific research institutes:institute of Hydrodynamics, institute of information Systems, Thermal phisics, Cytology & Genetics & many other Institutes.
Novosibirsk began growing in 1926 & it is still becoming more modern.