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Krasny Prospekt

Krasny Prospect
The boulevard decorating the center of Novosibirsk is Krasny Prospect (Nikolaevsky Prospect in the past).It is 7 km from South to North.
The first capital houses on Nikolaevsky Prospect appeared at the beginning of the 20-th century. From those times the merchant's building (now it is the Regional Museum of Local History), the house of the merchant Mashtakov, St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral,the printing-house and other buildings are remained.
Now Krasny Prospect is a place where schools, museums, hotels, institutes, cinemas, restourants, cafes, the Opera and Ballet Theatre are situated.
On this main streets the Pervomaisky public garden and garden in a memory of heroes, who died in the Civil War are situated. They were created in 1920-1930-th so they have to reconstructed nowadays. Decorated with flowerbeds the Pervomaisky public garden has many benches in the shadow of different big trees.It attracts many people.The Garden in a memory of Civil War heroes differs for its silence, quite and coolness. There is a fraternal grave of people who have been lost during the years of the revolution. The memorial for the died fighters created a solemnity - there is a hand holding the torch and pictures about the Civil War in Siberia on the garden's wall.
The Lenin house, which was built in 1925 on people's contributions, is situated in front of the public garden. The Theatre of Youth Spectators and the publishing house have been placed in this house for a long time.
The Lenin Square is in the center of Novosibirsk. The Opera and Ballet Theatre, one of the most famous theatres in our country, is standing here.
Near this Square the Actor House, the Theatre of Youth Spectators, the Mayakovsky cinema (it is a building of glass and concrete, which was built in 1971. There are 1100 seats,a cafe and an exhibition here).
The Medical Academy, the Siberian Book House, the Subsidiary of the Moscow Technological Institution of Light Industry are situated on the Krasny Prospect.
Novosibirsk people are proud of their main street, which combines business-likeness and strictness with beauty and solemnity, and which is a cultural center of the biggest city in Siberia.