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A Romanian Genius

Ciprian Porumbescu, a Romanian genius

He was born on the 14th of October 1853 in the village of Stupca, district
of Suceava, the North-eastern part of Romania. He spent his chibhood
listening to the doinas (Romanian folk songs) sung by the peasants and
playing like other children.
His house was often visited by a famous music teacher, called
Miculi, who often had to answer the numberless questions asked by the
little Ciprian, who had a keen and curious mind.
Ciprian began to know music in the early ages of his childhood,
understanding that you must learn hard in order to fully get
its beauty. He began to play the violin when he was 6 years old,
being taught by a gifted village techer.
When a celebration in the memory of Stefan cel Mare took place, Ciprian
Porumbescu took his violin and, guiding 30 violin players, animated the
crowd gathered around the Putna Monastery. They played Romanian patriotic
songs of the time. After graduating the university, he left for
Wien, to improve his violin skills. When he came back, he was given the
job of a music teacher in a highschool in Brasov. He had an intesive
activity as a violonist, conductor and composer there.
His life was sunddely stopped when he was only 29(on the 25th of May
1883, not having the chance to tell everything he had to say.
He composed:"Balad for violin and orchestra"
"Romanian Rapsody"
"New Moon"
"On our flag"
"The Fairy of the Danube"

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