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Koval Anastasia
school 130, grade 7


Salair. By Anastasia Koval, 13
There are traces of a former mountain range called Salair Kryazh (Range) in the Altai region. Salair is covered with conifers and mixed forests. This is a small area of virgin forests. There are such rare species of animals in those forests as beaver, muskrat, goat. You can also meet many very beautiful and interesting birds. I think the most interesting bird is the blue zimorodok. This is a small bird, not larger than a sparrow. Its back is sky-blue, its breast is reddish-brown. It is interesting because it makes its nest from the bones of small fish which are its food. The rivers on Salair are quite clean. One can drink their water without boiling it first. But these rivers also attract the attention of gold seekers, because the gold from those riverbeds is considered to be the best in Russia. It is remarkable that among such big cities as Novosibirsk, Kemerovo and Tomsk, there is this area of lovely nature. This is an attractive place to visit, but tourism should be restricted, so as not to destroy this wonderful nature preserve. One should remember that the climate there is the same as in Siberia in general, that is there are very long winters and short summers. One can get there by car or by bus when the weather is warm.