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Yakovleva Rita
town Iskitim, School 8, Form 9 "D"

A walk around my town

They say that Iskitim is a small town and it is not interesting. But all towns are as exceptional as people. Every of them has it's special fate and astonishing places. Our town has them too. In order to persuade in it, it is necessary to walk around Iskitim. And it tells us about himself. The heart of our town is Komsomolskay square. In the morning and in the evening, in the afternoon and at night life doesn't calm down here even in a minute: people harry somewhere, children cry. In the centre of the square there is a torch-looking stone. Why does it stay here? It is a good question! The answer is all history of Iskitim.
The most beautiful places of Iskitim are prime-wood, birch-wood and river Berd. Walking there you can hear many facts about a birth of a town. Because of the beauty of Iskitim`s land there were attracted first people. They were named: "ashkitim". Iskitim got his name from the name of this people.
Nature gave many presents to our town. One of them was the biggest layer of lime-stone province. After founding of lime-stone people built lime-stone factory. In the factory out of this stone people produced important building material - cement. Immediately afterwards 4 villages poured together and made a town Iskitim. So the lime-stone is the symbol of Iskitim. And today they call our town: "Town which builds towns".
Every place of our small town keeps it's history. Let's move to pre-war-time. In 1937 in a centre of the town were planted first trees of future park. The park was named by Koroteev. There is the memorial of Koroteev, who lived in Iskitim, now in the centre of the park, and then there is an avenue of fountains.
Walking around the town you can see houses of pre-war-time. May be you want to stop and say: "Why are you keeping silence, you know much more than we do". But silence is the answer. Yes, of course, houses can't speak but memorial tables on them can tell many things. This is the house, where lived the hero of Great Patriotic War - L.Odegov. In my school learned fighter-internationalist Milyakov. He perished in Afghanistan. In 1941 when the war started thousand of iskitims went to the front but not returned. To perished people in a centre of the town there is a memorial 1200 surnames of our countrymen are felled on stella by gold letters. In order to memories perished heroes there is an eternal fire. But pre-ware-time was happy but not for all people. It can confirm the history of micro-district Lozhok. Since 1929 up to 1953 there was a camp of political prisoners, the camp of victims of Stalin's repressions. Today that place is quite. But you can hear whisper of birches and murmur of Saints spring. People say that this spring beat here in honour to perished people.
So Iskitim tells us about it's fate - it's my town. Town, which have been living and which have future.
Good luck, Iskitim!