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Yernjakyan Lousine, 15
School 7


Yernjakyan Lousine, 15
teacher Yepiskoposyan Marina

Chamber State Theatre was opened on 15, December, 1981.
The birth of theatre was preceded by lasting creative
development which had begun as a "Youth Club" team of
Yerevan Polytechnic Institute. That was the first "Youth Cl
ub" team of Yerevan that had taken part in All-Union
competitions in Moscow. The team of Polytechnic Institute
had reached the final and this event coincided with the closing
of this game in 1972.
In 1973 ex-master of the team of Yerevan Polytechnic
Institute Ara Yernjakyan created "Mail Club" which formed
the basis of present-day Chamber Theatre. Basic repertoire of
the theatre consists of performances by plays of
A.Yernjakyan. Specific feature s of the theatre are musical,
tragicomic, and in the basis of this is the system of equality of
a spectator and an actor.
Guest-performance map is enormous: festivals in Canada,
France, Germany, the USA, guest- performance all over the
world .
Besides theatre activities in Chamber Theatre art-gallery and
TV production exists. Nowadays the repertoire of the theatre
consists of more than 30 staging. Together with A.
Yernjakyan's plays in Chamber Theatre many plays of
Radzinsky, Shakespeare, Olb y, Bernard Show were
produced. Every year Chamber Theatre expands the bounds
of its activity. Chief-Producer and head of the Theatre is Ara