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Satenik Jrbashian
Yerevan, college "Quantum", 12 years old

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Armenia has many picturesque sights. Many people come
to Armenia to see the ruins of Zvartnots temple,
Garny's ancient pagan temple and Echmiadzin, to drink
Arzni and Jermuk mineral waters. All visitors get
unforgettable impressions from visiting Armenia. Only
in Armenia one can see khachkars (khach - cross, khar
- stone). Every khachkar has its own face.

One can visit all the above mentioned places, but
there is a place which one has to visit necessarily.
This is Matenadaran: the deposity of ancient
manuscripts and books. This is one of the most
beautiful buildings in Yerevan and is surrounded by
the statues of the most famous persons in the history
of Armenian culture: Mesrop Mashtots, Mkhitar Gosh,
Vardan Igektsi, etc. Armenians love books and relate
to them with a great respect. There are only three
museums of ancient manuscripts, and these are the
depositories of Vatican, Iran and Armenia.