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Kirillov Vova
school 4 8d

My school

I'd like to tell you about my school.
I think, our school is the best school in Novosibirsk.
Pupils like their school very much.
Our school is situated in the centre of city.
There are forty classrooms located on three flours.
AtI our school there is a big canteen, computer class, Chemistry and Physics laboratories.
In our school there is summer yard, winter garden, big library with many books.
At school are studying more than thousand pupils. Our teachers are very good.
Also there are after school activities: drama club, hockey school and painting studio.
In our school there are many traditions: meeting of graduates on the second week of September,
our pupils are starting duty from 8th class, every year there is Theatre Festival and others.
In our school pupils must wear uniform. In fact, rules of our schoolare rather strict. On the whole, I think, our school is the best school in the World.