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Zamir Holov
School 2

Bukhara - the pearl of the East

Sheikh Bakhaudin Nakshbandi (died in 1385), the spiritual teachers of Amir Timur is very honoured in Bukhara. Paying respect to the grave of Nakshbandi is equal to a haj to Mecca. In 1544, a dakhma with marble covered wall was built in honour of the sheikh. This is one of the seven most beautiful buildings in Bukhara architecture.
The historical constructions on Bukhara are protected by the the state and monuments are carefully being restored. Buildings of modern Bukhara are located outside of this ancient city, creating a dichotomy of two eras.
TOday the turquoise cupolas of Bukhara shine with bright colors, becoming more beautiful and attractive as time passes. According to past traditions, a large oriental market has been built in the city, theater for children and a modern sport complex are constructed.
Bukhara is mainly a city of light industry, especially food production. Gold embroidery and weawing are traditional crafts here. Handicrafts of local masters including gold-embroidery, carpets, bags and shoes are famous far abroad. The astrakhan factory the only one in Uzbekistan manufactures black, grey and gold colors astrakhan.