Many foreigners came to China just to have a taste of the famous Chinese dumplings!One
reason for this situation is that of course it is very delicious and special,but do you know the
special meaning of the dumplings for chinese people?Do you know the uni que costomer of
eating dumplings?Now,let me,an anverage Chinese student tell you my understanding.
In the old days,dumplings is a very commen and popular food for the commen
people,becarse the king always want to eat some good and difficult making food,dumplings is
very easy and the cooking is always the same,but it is very important to the commen people
in China,because making dumplings is a team work,so eating dumplings usually means
family-get together.
Up to now,dumplings still has this kind of meaning,therefor this meaning is just rhignt for
Chinese people's hope,we are a big coutry with 56 peoples,we must get together and then
work for the future of this beatiful and mesterise coutry.
Now,many kinds of food like MCDONALD's and KFC come to China,and get into peple's
life deeply,but dumplings always hold Chinese people's heart tightly,noting can move its place
in China.Whatever you eat different food in different places of Ch ina,but one day,everyone
will eat the same food,I am sure.The day is spring festavial,and the food is
dumplings.Wherever you go to different places in the year,once the spring festivial
comes,every chinese people will go on the way to the same kind of pla ce,that place is
Dumplings stands for Chinese people's deeply wish and really imotion,I could say this
imotion may be is the love to our cuntry,only this kind of imotion will be stayed in the old
coutry for thousands of years,and I belive it will go on staying here,to let my coutry be
stronger and stronger!