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# 42


Local History

Since I remember me I always liked travelling.I like
Travelling as it gives me an apportunity to see places of interests of
Other countries , to get aquainted with other people,with their customs
And traditions to taste different food to learn their history .I'm used to
Go to the village or somewhere else every summer. I thing I'm a good
Holiday-maker. Have you ever been in Armenia? Have you ever seen the
Nature of Armenia? It is so beautiful that one can't stop admiring it. I've
Been to Echmiadzin ,Aragats, Gegard, Garni, Sevan and the most
Beautiful place which I liked very much was Deledgan. If you a foreigner and you don't
know where to go I would advise you to go to Deledgan. There are maintains, forests, fresh
air in Deledgan. In spite of everything it seemes that nature of Deledg an is untouched by
human. I can speak hours about nature of Armenian's but it's better to see once then to
hear about it.

Nona Nazaryan