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Grigoryan Loranna
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Teacher:Yegoyants Gayaneh

Geghard or Ayrivank, one of Armenian's most significant Mediaeval archit ectural enables,
4 miles south-east of the village of Garni, the Abovyan district. From what the legend says, it
was founded in the 14-th century. The most ancient survival, a semi-caved church of St.
Gregory, dates back to the 17-th century and occupies a place outside the monastery
confines. The principal structure, a church of the Virgin, represents a cross-domed building
originated in the second quarter of the 13-th century, with a four-column gavit (1225) in the
church's western section. Two caved ch urches were constructed in 1263, along with the
family coat of arms is carved in the rock. Of has two lions chained together, and an eagle,
its wings half-spread, whose claws clasp a calf.
Both were built by architect Galidragh. Carved in the rock somewhat above the sepulcher
is the four-column burial of the prince Papaq and his wife Hruzukan (1228) that recalls
clearly 12-th - 13-th century tour-column gavit. The cleft-si des incorporate a number of
artificial caves and many khatchkars.