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Atanesyan Ani
Teacher: Yegoyants Gayaneh

Armenia is one of the most ancient countries in the world , the co - eval of Assyria ,
Bobylon , Mearchaeologital , Persia , Rome . It is not surprising that during archaeological
excavations the artifacts found here are about 6000 years oid .
One of the most important monuments of Hellenistic art in Armenia is the Fortress of Garnin
the Abovian district.Accorting to the historian Movses of Khoren, the fortress was the
Arshakunid's royal summer-residence (3-2 centuries B.C.).
The fertress is situated on a wonderful triangulars site, defended by two deep gorges on both
sides. The Northern part is encircled with the fortress wall made of huge basalt blocks.
Witin the fortress, the ruins of pagan temple, royal dwellings and the bath house have
suevived. Among these the most valuable is the pagan temple, which is unique in its type as
a wholly preserved example in the Transcaucasia.
A Greek inscription which can be seen on a stone installed in tha fortress wall indicates that
the monument was built by Trdat I, in 77 A.D. who was famous for his building activities.
The for fasads of the peripter type temple are colonaded with greek orders, decorated by
versatile unique buildings with fascination unrivalled ornaments so lively and plastic, that
seem amalgamated and coated, but not sculptured by hand.
The tample was ruined in 1679 during a terrible earthquake. In 1930-s architect N.Buniatian
made an attempt for its restoration. Having lain in ruins for nearly 300 years it was
reconstructed and rebuilt within 1968-74 by A.Sahinian and it now attracts v isitors with is
The surroundings of Garni district represent a wonderful collection of monuments comprising
not only the monuments in Garni proper, but also those in Geghart, Havuts Tar's
Amenaprkich church, Aghchots monastery and indeed the Khosrov Forest (now a preser v).
The latter is a bit younger than Garni. It was established in 4th century (332-338) by king
Khosrov Kotak as a place for hunting, a pastime and military manoeuvres. This preserve has
gauned recognition due to its original nature and its rare species o f plants and animals.