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Baranova Masha
school 4 8d

My school

Nubmer of our school is 4.This school is a state school.In our school
there is a gymnasium where we can play in different sport games.On the
second floor there is a canteen with tasty food. There is summer yard
with beautiful plants and fountain where graduates selebrate
graduation parties. Near the school there is hockey playground,where
pupils play football in summer and hockey in winter.
Our school was built in September 1930. We have a museum where we can
know very much about history of our school. We
like this school because we have computer class,chemistry and phisics
laboratories.Usually we wear uniform, but in St.Valentines day we
wear casual clothes. There are 40 study-rooms at my school. In this
year school received the title "School of the century".
Primary school is in special building,which is near the building
for secondary school.That is why our lessons start at 8 o`clock.
There are many olimpiads in our school.Every year we have theatre
festivals. We like our school.