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Gymnasium 6


Sveta Zhivetyeva 9V
When I first saw my grandfather.
When I was little my mother many times told me about my grandfather who lived a long way from us in a small village. I didn't see him before.
And one morning she told me "Today, my dear, we will go to your grandfather." I was very happy to hear that. And 5 hours later I saw a little house near a blue river. We were in the village.
My grandfather loves all us very much and he was glad to see me.
Grandfather looks younger than he really is because he does exercises every morning. Then we had a big party with much sweet food. My grandfather has a garden and many animals: chickens, rabbits, pigs and two horses. Grandfather works in the garden and takes care of animals.
My grandfather took me for a horse ride with him. Nature in the village was very beautiful. I was very happy that day.