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Gymnasium 6


Ann Kolyuzhnaya 9V
I have only one grandfather and one grandmother.
My Mum's father and mother got married in 1958. Grandmother was a very good woman. She worked all day and was tired very much. Grandfather drank alcohol and beat her and 3 children. Soon my granny died, grandfather stopped to drink alcohol and found another wife. With the new wife they have lived together for 25 years. I have never seen my grandmother, but I loved her so much as I can. Mum tells about her very often. My grandfather doesn't telephone us and I don't love him.
My father's mum is a very wonderful woman. My father didn't have a father. And my granny brought 4 children herself. She worked as a milkmaid on the farm. She has 35 years of working. Granny always helps us. I love her very much, she likes to work as I am. Grandmother lives in the country and we go to her in summer. I love my granny very much and think that only she is my only granny.