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Gerasimtchuk Olga, Tischento Olesya
school 4 8d

My school

The number of our school is 4. It was built in 1930.
We like our school very much and we are proud of it.
Our school has three floors and big light windows with beautiful plants on them.
We have a big gymnasium, canteen, good library with many old and new books.
Our school also has wintergarden and summergarden.
Wintergarden is located on second floor.
We have museum with photographes of graduates and history.
In 2001 our school had a title "The School of Century".
We also have traditions like olimpiades, graduation party, uniform and others.
But we don't like uniform in our school. At the school there are strict rules.
And we'd like to have swimming pool,to learn other languages like French and China, the lesson of painting and others.
Our school also has some problems like in other schools.
For example inappropriate language, smoking.
But we surely like our school very much!!!