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Gymnasium 6


Masha Zemtsova 9A
I have grandparents: granny Raya and grandfather Kolya. They are parents of my father. Parents of my mother died 4 years ago.
I love my granny very much. She is very kind. When I was a child granny told me funny stories and beautiful fairy tales. My granny has huge brain. If I don't know how to do homework, we do it together. She cooks fried potatoes very well. When I come to her, granny buys me any sweets I want.
My grandfather is very big and funny. He loves me more than other people. When grandfather was young, he was working as a driver. Now he doesn't work. Grandfather taught me to swim and he will teach me to drive a car. He draws very funny elephants and crocodiles. I like to watch TV with my grandfather.
I help my grandparents. I go to the shop, wash up, etc. On my birthday grandparents give me more presents than to others.