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Elena, Marina
Gymnasium 6


Elena Sergeeva 9A
I seldom visit my grandparents because they live far off. I have good and nice grandfather and grandmother. I am grateful to them, they brought up my mother, father, my aunt and my uncle. They helped to bring up me and my sisters and brothers. I love my grandparents.
Marina Prokaeva 9A
My grandmother Tanya was a doctor. Now she doesn't work. She likes when I with my brother and sister show performance for her. Grandmother Tanya and grandfather Evald are parents of my mother Natasha. They live in Novosibirsk.
My grandfather Tolya worked in mine. Now he doesn't work. He loves his summer house. My grandmother Valya worked in school. She was a teacher of Russian language. They are parents of my father Tolya.
I love them with all my heart and they love me.