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Ann, Ann
Gymnasium 6


Ann Merzliakova 9G
My grandmother lives in the Ukrane in Kiev. She is a very nice woman who likes cooking. She has her own garden. Some years ago she lived in Baku. There she had a very big garden. When I was a child I liked to play there. I remember her jam, it was very tasty. Every winter we got a parcel, there was jam and leaves of grapes. She is also good at knitting. I wear some of her sweaters. Now when she lives in the Ukrane I can't meet her every summer. So we call her to visit us. Now I haven't seen her for a long time. Sometimes I phone her.
Ann Kabova 9G
I treat old people very well. I consider that we should love and respect them. And it is necessary to rejoice them more often. So I always greet with neighbours and give place to the old people in transport. I have a grandfather and a grandmother. I love them very much. I often visit them and help them with great pleasure. On date of birth of my grandparents we arrange various games. My grandmother is a very good cook and I love to go to her on tea. Especially I like to eat homemade pizza together with my family, my grandfather and grandfather.