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Galya, Galya
Gymnasium 6


Galya 10R
Most young people love their grandparents. And grandparents love them. I love my grandfather, too. I am a very important person for him because he knows that he isn't alone. If he can't move, I will still love him. He is a wonderful grandfather. He never teaches me what I should do. He only tells me some interesting stories about his childhood and family. Sometimes we discuss such topics as love, war, suicide and he tells me his opinion of life. He always listens to my opinion and understands me. Grandfather respects women and he thinks that they are better than men. They are kinder, nobler and so on. He makes them compliments, and women appreciate that. I hope my grandfather will live a long life.
Galya Sokolovskaya 9B
Every person has a grandmother or a grandfather, his/her mother's or father's parents. If you look in some encyclopedia, you will find that they are relatives of 1st generation. That's right! But for us they are people who we love very much! They are second parents. Often they play with children if their mother and father are busy, because they have more time-off. Grandmother and grandfather have too big experience and they can give us very good advice.
My father's parents live in Omsk. I invited them by the end of December some years ago. We went to the forest and collected many fir tree and pine branches. Then we put them in the tin and decorated with coloured toys. My mother's parents live in Novosibirsk and we like to walk in the forest together. I love my grandmothers and grandfathers. It's so wonderful that they are with us.