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Kate, Ann
Gymnasium 6


Kate Rodinkova 9R
My grandmother is nearly 56. She is my mother's mother. She is old-fashioned and has the world outlook different from mine. She doesn't understand me often. But I love my grandmother because she is very kind. She loves me very much too. She always trys to help me, but sometimes her care is superfluous. In whole, my grandmother is a typical granny.
Ann Yanushko 9R
I want to tell you about my dear grannies. I don't have grandfathers, as they died. But I love my grandmothers so I love my mother and my brother who is 16. My grannies are very different. Granny who is my father's mother is very kind. I can tell her all about myself, and she can give me very important advice. My mother's mother is very talkative. She always recalls interesting stories about her long life. She tells about the Second World War as I like to listen about war history.
I think that my grannies are great people. I love them very much. And you?