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Lisa, Kolya
Gymnasium 6


Liza Simonenko 9R
My grandmother studied in the Navy College. But when in 1941 the war began she left navy and went to the front where she was a nurse. I respect her because I know that it was difficult for women to be at war. After the war she did not want to come back to navy and started to work as a journalist (first, in newspaper, then on television). Now she is 80 years old and has many strange habits. For example, after the war she got used to listen to the radio between 12 p.m. and 2.00 a.m. and can't sleep without it. But in other things she is typical granny. And I love my granny and her personality.
Kolya Pak 9R
My grandmother is the best grandmother in the world. She was bringing me up many years. I was her favorite. She loved me more, than my brother and sisters, because she felt, that it was a certain power in me. She told me, that I was not a common child and that I would have a great future. My grandmother is sometimes very strange. She didn't exit her room for hours and after she came out, she usually said me: "Kolya, :", and left along. But my grandmother is a normal woman and very cheerful. My grandmother many times talked with me about eternity, life, and many other themes, which were very interesting for me, but not clear. So, now I can think about all this from another point of view. I can say you only one, the kin must consist of three or more generations. Only with this factor, a person can learn such many different interesting, become a wise man, etc.