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learning about your countries

I have just read many of your letters here. I have three children, ages 10,8 and 6. I teach them at home. My second son was adopted in Kazakhstan last year. My husband and I traveled to Karaganda, Kazakhstan to do this. I lived there for a month, and also traveled to Moscow, Russia to get his American visa. I am very interested now in learning more about the former USSR (CCCP)and the people and places that make the other side of the world so interesting. I can understand a little bit of Russian. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. Spaceeba.
We live in a rural area in Indiana. There are many corn and soybean fields. Many people raise hogs and cattle here. It is very green and hot here in the summer. Right now, in December, we have snow.
European people have only lived here since the 1820's, after the Native people, Wea Indians, were moved off their land. I know about people in my family that moved here in wagons, lived in log houses and chopped down the trees to make fields. Most of them were English, some were Swiss. One of my great-great-great-great grandfathers was one of the first schoolteachers here. I have pictures of one of my great-great-grandmothers, her husband and her children, taken in 1864. I know where my grandmother lived one hundred years ago, not far from where I live now. I can go to one cemetary and find many, many people in my family that were pioneers in this part of the country. My husband can do the same thing. Many people in his family were from Germany.
My husband and I are both teachers. We both love to travel and have been to many places in Europe and the USA, and now we have been to Asia!