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Gymnasium 6

Childhood Memories

Sasha Gorunov 9G
Childhood memories
I don't remember very much about my childhood. I remember when my father and I went to the maturnity hospital and mother first showed my little sister. I remember how I learned cycling. Remember my father's friend driving me on the bike. Remember one case: One day our parents went out, and we, my sister and I, stayed at home alone. My sister, her name is Ann and she was two years old at that time, locked the door in the kitchen. She couldn't open it because she was little. I couldn't open it because Ann closed the door from inside. I didn't know what to do. But at that time father's friend came to visit our family. I told him what happened. He went out and came back with special equipment. He went to our neighbours and climbed into the kitchen, Ann opened the window. And then he opened the door.
Tanya Smirnova 9B
My first teacher (Childhood memories).
I would like to tell you about my first teacher. Her name is Olga Ivanovna. She has been teaching me for three years: from 1 form till 3 form. At that time I have been getting different new knowledge. For me Olga Ivanovna was a teacher and also a very good friend. She gave me different good advice, which help me now. She loved our class very much because she loved children especially boys. My memories of her always make me be kind, clever, hardworking, gentle, friendly, polite because she was the same. Recently I have known that she died. She has been ill for a long time, but she didn't tell anybody about that. Then I couldn't believe that this lovely woman had gone. I broke up very much. Olga Ivanovna was kind, beautiful amazing generous and loyal. I haven't words, which can help me to describe her. She was the best for me! I always looked up to her. Olga Ivanovna never let down anybody. All her friends always could count on her. She was hardworking and got over all her hardships. All people who knew her respect and love her very much. Olga Ivanovna gave advice and helped her relatives and friends. Till now I can't believe that she put up with her illness. I think that she should have told her friends about it. I'm sure that they would have helped her.
I love and respect Olga Ivanovna. I thank God that I met such a wonderful woman. She will live in my heart forever and I will not forget her. I also thank her that she helped me in many hard situations.
She will be the best person who I know and who I knew.
I think that I will remember my first teacher, in fact my first love.
Maksim Vasiliev 9G
Childhood memories
Childhood memories - the best memories of mine. When I was a child I had very much time for fun. I could do what I wanted. Now when I have already become older, I don't have so much free time to go for a walk, to play computer games, to watch TV and to attend different courses.
In childhood you find your best friends who go with you through all your life.
Childhood memories - the best memories of all my life.
Luba Barmasova 9B
Who would have thought that one kiss could cause so much trouble.
I would like to tell you about a little kiss and big problems. Sometimes it is true. Espacially it couses problems for girls.
I know one girl, her name is Rita. She loves one boy- Dima. Rita didn't know what Dima thought about her. One day he kissed her. She was so happy! Rita thought that he loved her, she believed him. But we, Rita's friends, knew that a little before Dima loved Lera. We were not sure that he forgot Lera. One day we went out with Rita and Dima and suddenly we saw Lera. Dima came up to her and they started to talk. We waited him but he didn't return to us. We went away and he didn't even call us. Rita was evry upset. She didn't know what to think. It was her problem, and I didn't know how I could help her, because we didn't understand Dime and didn't know which girl he really loved. The next day he kissed Rita again. She said me that she didn't know what to do. She decided to wait. Rita thinks that Dima will choose the girl himself. Maybe he doesn't know himself whom he loves. Maybe he likes both Rita and Lera. I don't know the end of this story, but I believe that all will be all right. I hope Dima will forget Lera and be happy with Rita.
I and Rita can't explain Dima's kisses. But I hope he and Rita will be together at last.
Ann Mozheiko 9B
My first teacher (Childhood memories)
Many people think that their first teacher is the person who has been teaching them at first form. But I couldn't say the same. I have moved from one class to another very often. Even at first form I learnt in three different classes. Because of the fact, I don't just remember the names of teachers. It is so bad but it is true. And I also can't call any of my school teachers the first one. I think that my grandmother was and is my first teacher. She taught me to read, write and what's more - love work and learning. I thank her for that. And I look up to my Granny. She is very clever and hardworking as she has been learning for a long time because being a teacher is a very hard work and teacher should be very clever to teach children. She should also be kind, patient, polite with pupils, sensitive, soothing as mother and so on.
My grandmother loves her pupils and she says they make her happy. That's why she gave them all her life.
I think that she was right. Many of her children- pupils became the great people with her help. Teacher is a very important profession, because teachers make from us people who can continue life on our favourite, wonderful and beautiful Earth! I'm very happy that my first teacher was my dear Granny!
Sveta Zhevetyeva 9V
Childhood memories
In my childhood I always loved animals. My Mom let me and my brother Danil take animals into our house. When I was small a lot of creatures lived in our house: cats, fish, a tortose, a dog, parots and a hedgehog. But now I will tell how we had one hedgehog.
Once when we all came home from our country house in the forest, we found a big lump of leaves and it moved. We saw that it was a hedgehog, and took him into our house to live.
First days he was obidient: ate carrots, apples, cabbage and drank milk. We loved him very much. But one night, when we slept, we heard strange noise: somebody sniffed and ran from one corner to another, rolled something on the carpet. I and Danil were very frightened. In the morning we told mother what happened and she laughed a lot. She explained that hedgehogs live in the forest and don't sleep at night. This time they hunt mice. We knew that our hedgehog would feel better in the forest with his brothers, and Mom let him out to nature.
Now one hedgehog family lives close by our country house, in the hole. Maybe it's our hedgehog, who knows? But I love my funny hedgehog and still remember him.
Sveta Sotnikova 9B
Childhood memories
What is childhood? To my mind it is a very important question. There are many different points of view. Some people say they don't remember anything of their childhood. Other people say that childhood is the most wonderful and remarkable time in our life.
Every new day brings new impressions. Every minute children ask about 100 questions. I think it is very important to grow up with the right sort of people around you. It goes without saying that if you live with parents who love you very much, who encourage you and understand your point of view, you are lucky.
Look deep! Unpleasant features of character are created at the begining of life.
My parents are very clever, so they thaught me to respect each person. It helps me now.
I want to describe one case.
I was about 5 years old. I visited a sea camp where I was taught to sait a little ship, called "ship - B little". I left home at 10 o'clock in the morning, so I had to come back at
12 o'clock. But my voyage was too long. And while I was enjoying sailing, my Mum was crying. I didn't understand that Mum worried about me a lot. At about 13 o'clock parents started to come across everybody who could know something about me. They found "ship - B little" at 6 o'clock in the evening. I remember how Mum cried: So I know our relatives are the best in our life, aren't they? Please, think about each person and try to help people around you.
In the whole, I would like to say: please, appreciate your childhood!