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Gymnasium 6

Childhood Memories

Ann Koluzhnaya 9V
Childhood memories
Chidhood is one of the happiest periods of our life. Only in childhood we can do everything we want wothout permission. Our parents remember us when we were little. They often tell stories to all friends, grandparents and relatives. Even if we don't remember some periods of that time, parents will tell all we want. All parents think that children are little even if they are adults and love them very much.
I remember not enough from my childhood. We lived in wooden house on the second floor. Big trees grew there and rustled under our windows. I slept under the rustle of leaves and was happy. As my mum says, I was a very quite and good-behaved child. I played myself and never groaned and moaned. I slept deeply, didn't cry loudly. When I could walk for the first time I was really happy. My footsteps were very shaky and different. But I learnt to go walk soon and could even run. I grew as a little tree in the forest among big trees - mother and father.
I went to kinder garden when I was five. I didn't like it but there were many friends whom I really lived. But one boy was very mean. I hated him, he always beat me and I beat him too. One day, mother came and said that I could stay at home. I was on heavens! I started preparing for school: drawing, writing, reading. And this day came - I went to school. There were many boys and girls with flowers, parents worried and children too. We were greeted and then we came to our class. It was fantastic! School life started:
There were many funny stories in my childhood. When I was three, mother didn't put me on my shoes when we wanted to go for a walk. But there were bad memories too. In winter father drew me on the sleigh. He jerked it so strongly that one piece of my spin was moved in wrong way. I had been in hospital for three weeks. The piece of spin was returned to its right position.
My chidhood was lovely, wonderful, without any terrible events. Time rushed and I become elder with each year. There was time in my life when I understood - I am not a child. I thought I could do everything, but our life is very difficult and I am lost in the river of life. I can't believe that I am not a child. I must know what I do, must think about my actions. I understand how badly it is to be adult. It is a very big responsibility. However, life goes on, we live. When I feel disgustingly, I recall my childhood memories, it is a period when I was really happy. Childhood is once in life.
Yulia Kuligina 9V
Childhood memories
I had many pleasant moments in my childhood, so I have been thinking for a long time which of them to describe. I wanted to tell about my nurseru school, but suddenly I remembered my granny's village. Many of my memories are connected with this place. Pleasant, kindly sounds appear in my memory: whistle of a nightingale, noise of windin the grove, laugh and funny crying of children, quite song of a cricket-violinist:
I remember our grove. I and my brother liked to walk there. We lay under shadowy crowns of trees, dreaming about happiness and talking about life:
I remember my granny, her pleasant hands, her kind face with big sad eyes. I remember myself - a small scruffy girl with round cheeks and dirty knees. It is in the past now. After remembering all that I came back to the reality. I wanted to cry, and why? I can't back nothing. I know that people must live in present. But that happy days will stay in my heart forever!
Dima Solodkin 9V
Do not depend on others
In my opinion, man must not depend on others. Man must be independent. Why?
If man depend on others, he isn't free.
I give you example of depending of one man on another man. It is one terrible story. Drug abuser, if he has not got money, he takes the dose at debt and he bacomes dependent. The man who gives drug abuser a dose may do with him what he wants. He may make him work. In fact drug addict is a slave now.
Another example is dependance of man on his parents. A child is raised by his parents and he doesn't want to work. His parents work and take care of him. But if they die, what will he do? He can't work and he will "eat" all money. He will die!
You must not depend on friends at school. You may not do your homework if you think that your friend will help you. And if he is not at school? What will you do? You can do homework in school, but it is hard.
In my opinion, you must not depend on others.
Masha Kargapolova 9V
Chidhood memories
I first remember myself when I was three. It is related to my stay in the forest house of my grandmother. It was situated sixty kilometers from Irkutsk. I remember the wild forest around the house and little river near it. There was the log over the river instead of the bridge.
Else I remember my father taking me to the kindergarten every morning. At the beginning I didn't want to stay without him and asked to take me to his work. But father refused. But after some hours I forgot about my sorrows. And every evening mother or grandmother took me home.
Every summer I went to Pavlodar with my family to my other grandparents and relatives. There we had rest such as swimming, sunbathing. When grandmother asked we helped her in the garden. In August on our table there were apples, maize, cherry, gooseberries and pears.
I remember that between the third and fifth classes I went to Altai. There is the Gramatuha river which is so clean that you can drink it without any additional purification. The river is called so for many snags in it. That's why it is so noisy. Near the river there is Beluha mountain. It is called so because its top is white.
My childhood memories are like glass pieces of different colours. They make my life more joyful.
Ira Ivanova 9V
Childhood memories
Most people don't remember their childhood. We can remember only some moments. We always remember good moments from our childhood.
When I was small (about 4) my aunt gave me a tomato. It was my first salt tomato. I looked at it for a long time because I didn't know how to eat it. After long thinking I took the tomato and spread it om my face. It was very funny. I was sitting at the table and my face was in tomato.
When we were small, strange things happened with us. A lot of bad things happened but we remember only good. We always have good memories of our childhood.
Ksenya Zharkova 9V
Childhood memories
Childhood is the part of our life. Childhood is the part of our soul. Everyone has some childhood memories.
I would tell you about my childhood memories. When I was three years old I was in Moscow. I flew with my grandmother, grandfather and aunt with a little cousin. We flew to Moscow to visit my uncle, who was in the army. I remember only how we cleaned teeth. It was my first childhood memory. When I was in the kindergarden I remember our holidays. We always had interesting, funny and beautiful holidays. One holiday was a New Year. We had the show "About princess Nesmeyana". I played Nesmeyana. I was in a wedding dress. It is also my childhood memory.
Everybody must remember childhood because we have only one life and one childhood.