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Gymnasium 6

Childhood Memories

Dima Fomenko 9G
Childhood memories
Everyone remembers his childhood. Everyone remembers days when he wanted to grow up more and more. All oldmen and oldwomen think that days of their childhood were the happiest days in their lives. You can see it in their eyes looking at children at the playground. You can see it when an old woman takes care of a little child. Childhood is the most unforgettable part of our life, so we should have much fun and gain experience during childhood. Like everyone, I have had many different cases in my life. But the most important case in my childhood happened with me when I was 3 years old. I was riding a three-wheeled bicycle. It was OK till I fell down and hit my head. I had a concussion of the brain. Since then I have a lot of troubles with my head. My parents criticize me. Everyone has critics. Mostly it is my Mum. Of course, my parents criticize my mistakes, my way of life, my studying at school. And I think I must be grateful to them for their criticism because if they did not criticize me, I would never know about my mistakes. And I would continue to make mistakes, if my parent didn't tell me about them. I think I must be grateful but I am not.
Liza Simonenko 9R
Childhood memories.
We seldom think about it, but all of us were children, even a president, a queen, a popular singer and our mothers and fathers. Usually we forget it. When I asked my granny about my father's childhood, I was surprised. My father was a very hard child. He fought with other boys, broke a window (playing football) and got into an old well.
In my childhood there were many funny incidents. For example, when I saw a cow for the first time in my life, I said that it was a very big dog. I thought that all sweets looked like my father because he gave them to me. I was sure that milk came from horses, because I saw a horse carriage brought milk from a village to a shop.
Sometimes I was in very difficult situations. Once I put wire into the electric socket and fire flared up. But I was lucky and my parents came home soon. My parents were always with me and suffered from all my pranks. I want to thank them.
Childhood is the most important period of my life and I'll never forget it!
Yura Kastornov 9R
Childhood memories
Every person has his own childhood memories. Childhood reflects his present days life and character. So if we know some facts about life of a person when he was a child, we can tell much about him.
The biggest part of facts about our childhood we forget after the years, but some things we remember all the life. Yes, sometimes old people can't recall what they did yesterday, but they know well what they did, for example, sixty years ago at their fifth birthday. We always remember our first problems and success, first day at school and some unusual places like zoo and circus.
And as for me, in my life there were not many interesting things. So, I have nothing good to tell you. I think all funny stories happened with me not long ago. In childhood each new day was great for me. I remember my first travelling to Altay. Beautiful nature, fantastic landscapes. There I travelled on horseback and swam in a cold mountain river. It was really interesting. I remember my first trip to school. I wanted to go to school and on 1 September I went to study. School was easy and there I found a lot of friends, so I liked it.
So I can tell you much more things like those, for example, my first drive a car, my life in Omsk. I could tell you about my first friends, my first sport club and so on, but it would take too much time. I remember a lot and I think my childhood memories will never disappear.