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Gymnasium 6

Childhood Memories

Tamara Morozova 9R
Do not depend on others and Chidhood memories
All people have meny memories of their childhood. And I have them too. The brightest memory of my life is my trip to the USA in 1992. That was the best 24 days in my life. But I was only 6 years old and don't remember everything. I would like to tell you some facts of my trip. At first, my group named "The Little Orange" was in New York, where we were met by our new friends. After that we sat into the plane and went to Colorado to give some concerts and relax. I can't describe all because I can't remember all of them. We were in Colorado, in California etc. In Disneyland we were nearly 3 days and gave five or six concerts. Of course, Disneyland was a great time for me and my friends. The USA was a miracle, a bright dream for us.
But now Russian people don't like America, and some even hate it. Many people hear the words and start to believe the people who say that America is the biggest trouble for all the world. I think that American people aren't worse or better than Russian. Their culture is very rich taking into account the age of this country. The trouble for the world and the problem (or not?) for the USA is their love to (of) themselves. They don't believe that they can do something wrong. They love their country very much and they believe that America is the first in the world and they are the best in the world, and do all to make that so.
I think, everybody should have his own opinion about all things (and about the USA too), and should not depend on other people, being an unique and bright person.
Anna Yanushko 9R
Who would have thought that one kiss could course so much trouble
Only one kiss: Why can all people opinions be devided into two categories: 1) the first kiss gives a wonderful feeling of happiness, 2) the first kiss brings a lot of troubles.
The first opinion belongs mostly to girls. Because they are more romantic than boys. They think about knights from the middle ages, about cavaliers from the 19th century.
For example, my granny told me one interesting storyabout her mother (my great-grandmother). When she (my great-granny) was like me now, she met my great-grandfather in the street. Only after one month they knew each other my great-grandfather came to the house of my great-grandmother with flowers. After one more month my great-grandparents got married, though they didn't kiss before the wedding (they said).
So a lot of girls think about romantic prince on the white horse. They think about their first kiss with a happy feeling. Girls suppose that if a boy kisses her, it means he loves her. But it isn't usually true.
Many boys don't think like girls. They suggest that a kiss doesn't mean that you belong to only one girl friend. So there are a lot of problems with kisses.
I want to translate one poem of a Russian author and thus give my own opinion on the problem.
Boy, if you don't love a girl
Don't kiss her.
If you don't love a girl,
Don't call her yours
Because just at the first kiss
She'll understand
That it's very hard (That it'll be painful
To lose you. To lose you.)

George Lindemann