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Alzahra, Iran


Fatemeh Lotfi , Nazanin Javadi , Zainab Salehi , Maryam Maleki , from Iran - Tehran -
Alzahra high school.

Have you ever heard about the capital of Iran?

We are the students of Alzahra high school (Iran -
We want to introduce our capital city to you.
Many years ago Tehran was chosen as the capital city. after that the emigration
increased because Tehran was an advanced city and until now that the population is
11823000 and because of the shortage of area ,the way of building houses was changed
and people began to build high buildings and sky-scrapers. Azadi square is the most
important square in Tehran .
Tehran advanced in economy too fast and also there are many important embassies in
Tehran, so Tehran has a important political situation .
In Tehran there are variety of natural sources that factories are made around the city to
use them well , like coal mines and oil and: .
Although the formal religion of Iranians is Islam but there are people who have other
religions and different believes . So people of Tehran have wealthy culture.
And also Iranians are kind and hospitable and they love their country.
We invite you to come and see our country and city (Tehran).
&nb sp; SEE YOU LATER.

Yas group (F.N.Z .M)