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shivraj .a. donkari
d y patil college


the world id very different now for man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all the difficulties which encounter in his or her path for his own benefits.through the long history of world the nations and empires has always invaded other nations n empires for the taste of power and benefit.but their remains one country in the world and only one who has never invaded any other country, but yet the same country has suffered from hundereds of foreign invasions upon him. and that is india. india still lives without invading anyother,and yet we want peace, what kind of peace do i mean not the peace for indians only , but peace for entire mankind , peaceall around globe.
the world today is very different but india still calmly marches towards its goal towards peace and unity and universal religion for matter what will be difficulties in our path, we shall overcome them.and then shall we earn eternal blessings of peace from almighty god.