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Arsenina Sveta
school 130, 8M

My attitude towards TV

My opinion about this problem that TV is good and bad at the same time. Of course, it's not good when a pupil does his homework during watching TV, but if he watches science films, news and intellectual programs, it helps him to enlarge his knowledge and makes his social life more interesting.
I guess I can't live without TV. As for me the latest news, some talk-shows and programs about nature are stuff, watching it I can relax. But usually I watch music TV more than any other channel. Certainly spending all your spare time near telly spoils eyesight and health, so I try to watch it not more than an hour a day.
One thing I hate is endless advertisment. Because of its obtrusiveness you watch your favourite TV programs in a nervous condition pressing buttons on the remote control. This is the only reason that causes people's dislike for TV.