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Kerry Line


Hi I am Kerry Line. I am from Superior, Wisconsin. When I am at home I enjoy acting, playing in band, and watching movies. My usual day I get up at 6:00 A.M. I get ready for school then leave at 6:30. I talk to friends at my favorite hang out, go to classes, eat my lunch, then more classes, after all this I usually have an after school activity. Either I am in a play or I am in a band. I play trumpet in a Jazz band and a Youth Orchestra. I usually get home at about 9:00 P.M. When I get home I do homework, chores, or I hang out with one of my friends. I enjoy going to see plays and going to the Cinema.
My Russian life so far has not been so different. I have woke up early each morning but not that early. Usually about 6:30. I get ready for school. The other morning when I was getting ready, because I am not used to chandeliers, I knocked the light bulb out of my host families light. I felt really bad when the glass piece broke. My first day in a Russian school, I got to meet some of the English classes. All the students were great. Some were shy and afraid to ask questions but I was more then happy to answer them. Then I was asked to attend a different English class without any of my friends. I said o.k. It was fun except I was asked questions that I didn't know the answer to. I tried but it was difficult. I was asked questions about my worst subject English. I did horrible. But then we went to lunch. After lunch I went to the second half of the class and I had a friend that is good in English attend the class with me. The Teacher didn't ask anymore questions about English but instead had us to a Essay. My friend got mad at me far asking him to go because he was not good at presenting presentations. We did, but in my presentation I mentioned I was a big jazz fan and I enjoyed Louie Armstrong music very much. The Teacher hearing this went to the back of the room and brought up to the front the lyrics to some Louie Armstrong songs and he asked me to sing with him. I did refuse at first but then I gave in and sang. I ended up doing my impression of Louie Armstrong which I guess the class loved.
Many of the people have been very hospitable. The class presented me with a candy dish for my impression. My host family has been great. My host mother sewed my jacket because the buttons fell off and she was worried about me getting cold outside. She also cooks meals every night which is very much appreciated considering I am a vegetarian and everyone here eats meat. They have prepared vegetarian meals for me every night and all the food has been fabulous even though I get fed way too much. Everyone has considered what I want to do. Even if they are tired they have the courtesy to ask if I want to go out to the clubs or if I want to go out anywhere.
The driving here is insane compared to America. There are no lines between the lanes. A three lane highway is used as a four lane highway. The buses are weird because in America you have to pay right when you bored the bus. Here people get on and hand there money to the front trusting that they get there change back and that the driver gets the money. I know there are a lot of un-trust-worthy people in America, but here it seems like everyone has a conscience.
In the long and short, I am very glad that I have decided to travel. In the 5 days that I have been here I have experienced so many things that I would have never been able to experience back home. I am sure I will have so many more things to remember, so many more experiences in the next 15 days to come.

Kerry Line