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Russia: A place of endless wealth and beauty that was just recently discovered by our group as we traveled far from home. The country itself is without equal in its ancient and sultry culture, which we discovered within moments of landing at the airport. As we peered farther down the rabbit hole, we found an entirely new world to experience that would have never been thought imaginable only days before. It was as if we had traveled to an alien planet where life was some how blasted through rose colored glasses and where that glass was always half full. The people here are kind and trusting and with every new excursion more of this mysterious country is revealed to us.
Life in Russia is more reflexively closer to home than I would have thought possible. In every direction there can be found new and interesting stimuli that drives us ever onward to a new and bright frontier with which to explore. Our hosts with their resilient patience for our inconsequences have been overly nice and persistently courteous. Everywhere we look there are people smiling and waving in our favor as though we were some idols of Mecca wandering from out of in the desert of life.
The food and the women are the two greatest aspects of Russia so far acknowledged by our plastic nervous systems. We are travelers in a strange and distant land where a myriad of opportunities is proposed before us. Like a veritable Garden of Eden our stay here in Russia will be beyond comparison of any inclusion of our past memories yet to date. As I think on my exquisitely elated reflections of the past fortnight only one line of eminent power comes to my racked mind, "Long is the way, and hard; that out of hell leads to light."