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Sree Rajarajeshwari vidya Mandira High School, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.


Children like to listen to the stories. This is a Story about how Bangalore got its name.
Long long ago between 1172 and 1219 A.D. lived a king called Ballala. Once he was separated from his men. He wandered and wandered until it grew dark. He became very tired .he was lost in the forest with out food and light. Suddenly he saw the light from a lonely hut and went towards it. It was the hut of an old woman. He asked her for some food. She only had some boiled nuts and green beans. Called " Bendakalu", to offer the King. He happily ate the same and slept in the hut. The next day he was able to find his way back to his palace. When the people came to know this story, a little village sprang up at the place where the King had rested and it was called "Bendakaluru". This name was later changed to " Bengaluru".
Bengaluru remained a small village many years after this, until a certain King gave a present of land to Kempegowda. Bengaluru was a part of this land. Kempegowda built a small mud fort sound Bengaluru in 1537A.D. and marked the boundaries of the village by four towers. The small village then began to grow into a town.
Bengaluru was taken from Kempegowda and then passed from one King to another until it was sold for three lakhs of Rupees to the Mysore Raja in 1687A.D.In 1758A.D. It was given as a present to Hyder Ali for his goo d service to the King. His son Tippu Sultan rebuilt the fort with strong stones. The British took Bengaluru from Tippu in 1791 and gave it back to the Mysore Raja. They changed the name of the town to 'Bangalore'.