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Primachek Andrey Vladimirovich
school 130, 8th grade M

My attitude towards TV

I have several opinions about TV. Of course I like TV.Personally I watch Television every day. But I don't waste all my free time near this "goggle box". Usually I spend evenings near the TV watching news on the First Television chanell and fiction movies on other chanells. Evening news such as "Vesti" or "Time" give me information about the lates developments in different parts of our life and news about latest events in the world. So TV saves my time and money because I must not buy magazines to know the latest news. Also TV offers me high quality films in the evening. Watching films and cartoons helps me to relax after the long working day. And I can watch the operas and important ceremonies at home lying on the sofa. On other side TV has many bad back sides. First of all there ara many low quality programes on TV. They are foolish and disturbs me. Also there are many fool advertisements. You can often turn on TV set and find no good programs. Sometimes TV disunites our family. For example: My father wants to watch Football Match, mother wants to watch figure skating and I want to watch Simpsons. Who is wright? What programe must we watch. In such moments I want to have my own TV set. After watching TV for the long time we often have headache or eyeache or something else... So it spoils our health. Television has many bad and good sides. But we all must understand that we make Television by ourselves and we can't live without it, so we must recieve TV as is is itself.